A child has been born in my country

This day is born a child in Indonesia. feeling happier envelop families get children who had been longing for nine months.


Nine months have passed
This day was born the son
Lighten you, cheer your heart
Being a happy family

I pray for your son
may be a dutiful son
the mother and father, in the universe
the Indonesian state.

grows well
learn with passion
go for your dream
for the beloved country ..

O child, do not cry
begins with a happy life.
This your birth day
our joy
accept what is.



Sembilan bulan telah berlalu
Hari ini lahirlah anakmu
Gembiralah kamu, cerialah hatimu
Menjadi keluarga bahagia

Aku berdoa untuk anakmu
semoga menjadi anak berbakti
pada bunda dan ayah, pada semesta
pada negara Indonesia.

tumbuhlah dengan baik
belajarlah dengan semangat
raihlah cita-citamu
untuk negeri tercinta..

hai si kecil jangan menangis
hidupmu dimulai dengan bahagia.
hari lahirmu ini
kami gembira
menerimamu apa adanya.

New news in my country

Have reset all of this blog collection post with the new one thing about my country. And to be the good idea to make better thing.

All think is better if we do the right ones.